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Bold black bracelet

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Textured cuff bracelet

Solid Sterling silver cuff with amazing black patina.

I was making my own silver sheet, by melting and pouring scrap silver in a mold.

When I was trying to get a thinner sheet by feeding it through my roling mill, the sheet cracked.

I was a bit disappointed at first, but then I quite liked it, so I kept the crack and added some silver wire to “stitch” it up.

I put little strips of smooth and textured silver and a little bit of silver sawdust (jewellers magic!) here and there and fused all the bits and pieces.

After sanding and polishing I added a special patina that gives the silver this amazing black colour, leaving all the little squares untouched for extra contrast.

I hope you like it!



- This silver cuff is suitable for a slim wrist but can be adjusted slightly, just don’t  pinch it to hard and it’ll keep its flexibility.

- Can be worn on a 16 – 20 cm wrist, measured just below the wristbone (that’s 6.29 – 7.84 in inches)

- The circumference of this cuff bracelet is 18 cm (7.08 inch),

- The width of this black beauty is about 3 cm average (1.18 inch).

_ The weight is 53 grams (1.87 oz).

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