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Silver bubble necklace

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Silver nugget necklace

Just lots and lots of bubbles in this silver necklace.

I torched the **** out of little pieces of silver until they melted into balls.

I fused all the silver granules together and added a sturdy silver bail.


“You know, every now and then

I think you might like to hear something from us

Nice and easy

But there’s just one thing

You see we never ever do nothing

Nice, easy

We always do it nice and rough’’

(Proud Mary – Ike & Tina Turner)


That’s just the way I made this silver bubble necklace…. Nice and Rōff



- The silver bubble pendant is 1,2 x 5 cm ( 0.47 x 1.96 inch)

- Silver rolo chain, 50 cm/19.68 inch long, included.

- Let me know if you need a longer or shorter chain.

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 No additional shipping costs, packed in a Roff Jewellery gift box.

Message me for custom designs.

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