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Merwededijk 12  |

 4207 AJ Gorinchem  |

 The Netherlands

Dendritic agate ring

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A lot of the time I don't start out with a design in mind, mostly I let the stone decide, if that makes any sense.

This picture perfect dendritic agate was asking for a simple rectangular setting, so that's what I made.

I went for a bit of a retro vibe with this one:  subtle texture in 0,5 mm wide adjustable ring band and a smoothly polished look for the rest of the ring.

The moss like inclusions in this dendritic agate gemstone are made of iron oxide or manganese.

The dendritic agate or moss agate meassures 1,4 x 1,8 mm; the total height of this agate ring is 25mm.

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