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Silver bird necklace

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Sparrow silhouette burr wood necklace

This rustic one of a kind necklace is made of ash tree burr or burl wood that has beautiful lines and lots of character.

I've selected this beautiful burr wood for its interesting pattern, I've sawn it  by hand and polished it to give it a beautiful shine.


Jewellery maker and painter

Before I got into jewellery designing, I was a painter.

I did mostly portraits and still lifes, however the most successful ones were my sparrow paintings, all painted on reclaimed wood. I have painted dozens of them. They were shown in several exhibitions, even at one time in Gorcums Museum in my hometown.

Since this necklace features a silver silhouette of a sparrow, it connects both my passion for painting and jewellery making.

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How did I make this unique necklace?

The sparrow silhouette was hand sawn out of 925 sterling silver plate and fastened on the burl wood with silver clinches.

I gave the necklace a bohemian look with a copper rolo chain and ethnic Ethiopian silver coloured metal beads, as well as copper and raw amber beads.

The tiny green beads are ancient Roman glass beads and the large yellow and earth coloured ones are made of fire agate.



Taking care of your necklace:

To keep this necklace looking beautiful, always remove before showering.

The colour of the fire agate beads might fade a little bit over time due to your skins’ natural pH value, though I think this adds to the rustic character of the total look.



The burl wood and silver pendant: 43 mm in diameter

The fire agate beads are 28 mm

Total length of the chain is 58 cm / 22.83 inch

Weight 36.5 grams


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