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Silver wire ring

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Silver wire ring


This raw silver wire ring was handmade out of raw silver in a minimalistic style. The wire ring is adjustable in size, so fits every finger.


A silver wire ring in a raw primitive design

This wire ring is an easy to wear ring which stands out in simplicity and with a primitive design. This artistic ring looks great on its own and is spectacular when you wear more of them stacked or on different fingers. The wire ring has an open design, is comfortable to wear and is easily adjusted.


How did I make this silver wire ring?

The ring was made with rough oxidised 925 sterling silver wire. I keep the ends of the silver wire in a very hot flame until the ends melt and forms a rough drop shape. Then the pieces of silver wire are bound with a strip of hand hammered silver. Afterwards I soldered the different silver pieces together. The wire ring is then bent in shape and oxidised to give the silver a black patina. After that I sand and polish the raw silver ring.


Each silver wire ring is uniquely made

Each silver wire ring is handcrafted and therefore unique. Due to the creation process there will be slight variations in size and texture, but the design will be the same as the images of the ring shown above.


Each silver wire ring is handmade. So when you order this unique silver ring, please allow 5 days for manufacturing.


All items are sent out in a pretty giftbox with the Rōff logo.

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