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Merwededijk 12  |

 4207 AJ Gorinchem  |

 The Netherlands


Roff Jewellery offers you artistic bold one-of-a-kind jewellery: rough in texture, creative, unique statement pieces to make a gauranteed statement.


SOLD!! Silver and gold moss opal ring Sold Out
Elegant peridot earrings €170,00
Flame statement earrings €179,00
Simple stud earring €44,00
Black caviar earrings €79,00
Black caviar adjustable ring €59,00
Emerald drop earrings €197,50
Larimar earrings €148,50
Black silver ring €97,50
Moon orb ring €97,50
Rhyolite garnet earrings €119,00
Silver, copper and pearl earrings €78,50
Sugilite and amethyst retro earrings €169,00
Freeform keisha pearl earrings €109,50
Frosted fire agate earrings €84,00
Rusty red picasso jasper ring €149,00
Abstract opal necklace €152,50
Bricks - made to order €140,00
Brass ring Maya €75,00
Brass ring Aretha Sold Out
Brass ring Arawelo €75,00
Brass ring Frida €75,00
Brass and copper ring Eartha Sold Out
Unusual bar bracelet with antique finish €135,00
Big, bold, black bracelet €215,00
Striking silver plates bracelet €149,00
Turquoise bead bracelet €139,00
Sodalite necklace €215,00
Picture jasper and peridot necklace €199,00
Dendritic opal choker €132,00
Silver bubble necklace €110,00
Simple wide ring Sold Out
Modern silver signet ring €135,00
Silver ring with pink picture jasper €145,00
Dark silver men’s ring €135,00
Rustic organic men’s ring €125,00
Oxidised silver men's ring €135,00
Adjustable labradorite ring €142,50
Giftcard from €10,00
Small amber earrings €65,00
Minimalist pearl necklace €71,00
Hammered silver ring with peruvian opal €159,50
Brutalist ring with silver granules €120,00