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Handmade silver rings

Are you looking for unique handmade silver jewellery?

Rōff Jewellery offers you a wide variety of bold silver rings with natural gemstones.

Handmade silver rings with precious stones and brass jewellery

Horizontal stripes ring €135,00
Silver carnelian ring with sapphire €240,00
Kammererite ring with ruby €220,00
Purple blue gold labradorite ring €169,00
Silver signet ring €149,00
Silver blob ring with gold flakes €138,00
Dendritic agate ring €90,00
Oxidized silver and pearl ring Sold Out
Keum-boo silver and gold ring €160,00
Astrophyllite ring €210,00
Teardrop simbircite ring €177,00
Dented box ring €127,00
Hammered silver ring with emerald €145,00
Pink chalcedony statement ring €189,00
Black caviar adjustable ring €69,00
Moon orb ring Sold Out
Rusty red picasso jasper ring €110,00 €149,00
Druzy ammonite - pyrite ring €154,00
Silver bricks ring - Made to order €140,00
Brass ring Maya €75,00
Brass ring Grace €75,00
Brass ring Arawelo €75,00
Brass ring Frida €75,00
Brass ring Tina €75,00
Natural crystal ring Sold Out
Giftcard from €10,00
Brutalist ring with silver granules €120,00
Stoere zilveren draadring €69,00