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Merwededijk 12  |

 4207 AJ Gorinchem  |

 The Netherlands


Gone but not forgotten:

These Rōff Jewellery pieces have found their new owners.

If you see something you really like, reach out to me: I could make something similar especially for you.

I'd love to work with you!

Rough aragonite large statement ring Sold Out
Raw amber bead bracelet Sold Out
Organic artisan silver statement ring Sold Out
Red garnet artisan necklace Sold Out
Cute skull and bones bracelet Sold Out
Amazonite statement ring Sold Out
Extra large silver brutalist ring Sold Out
Magic purple labradorite ring Sold Out
Raw emerald necklace Sold Out
Oxidised silver bubble ring Sold Out
Aquamarine crystal necklace Sold Out
Brass ring Rosa Sold Out
Brass ring Nina Sold Out
Brass ring Billie Sold Out
Peridot earrings Sold Out
Sparkling orange sapphire earrings Sold Out