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Handmade silver earrings

Are you looking for unique handmade earrings? 

Look no further!

All Rōff earrings are carefully handmade with the utmost care and the best quality silver and gemstones I can find.

Chrysocolla and pearl earrings
Chrysocolla and pearl earrings Sold Out
Amazonite cube earrings
Amazonite cube earrings €267,00
Dendritic agate earrings
Dendritic agate earrings €172,00
Amethyst drop earrings
Amethyst drop earrings €219,00
Turquoise box earrings
Turquoise box earrings €119,00
Flame statement earrings
Flame statement earrings €179,00
Simple stud earrings
Simple stud earrings €74,00
Black caviar earrings
Black caviar earrings €79,00
Rhyolite garnet earrings
Rhyolite garnet earrings €119,00
Keisha pearl earrings
Keisha pearl earrings €109,50
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