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Lunar tide - Molten silver statement ring with labradorite

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Bold rose cut labradorite ring

This ring is actually a good example of my creative process.

Originally I made this ring to hold a gorgeous 30 mm round simbircite gemstone.

Unfortunately the stone broke while I was setting it and I could never find a replacement stone that would fit the bezel, so it was sitting on my bench for over a year.

One day I looked at it and just decided to melt it so I could use it for something else. 

While I held the soldering torch to it the bezel started to melt and I really loved the shape, added a couple of granules for texture and decided to set this pretty rose cut labradorite in the middle.

So a little misfortune turned into something fabulous in the end.

Details of the asymmetrical silver ring:

The 925 sterling silver ring: 3,5 cm across (1.37 inch)

The round blue labradorite: 12 mm

Ring band: 9 mm wide with a wavy pattern, adjustable in size.

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