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Hammered silver necklace with onyx bead

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Unique pattern and texture

Primitive handmade round silver pendant that was hammered to get an interesting texture.

The minimalist pendant is attached to a chain of fine silver little balls.

On the end of the chain is a shiny, pear shaped black onyx bead.


Choose how to wear this artistic necklace:

With the bead end slipped through the silver circle, the chain can be worn at several lengths, depending on how loose or tight you want it around your neck.

You can wear it loose and casual, but if you’re going for a sexier look, wear the silver circle closer to your neck: the bead will draw attention to your cleavage.



  • Hammered silver pendant: 27 mm diameter, 0.7 mm thick
  • Black onyx bead: 28 mm
  • Silver ball chain : 53 cm / 20.86 inch long
  • Necklace length in total: 59 cm / 23.22 inch
  • Weight: 10 grams


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