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Mabe pearl necklace

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What is a Mabe pearl?

A Mabe pearl or blister pearl forms naturally as a whole pearl whithin a pearl sac.

When the natural pearl breaks through the sac it will eventually find its way to the mantle of the shell and merge with it.

As the mollusk ages, it increases the layers of mother of pearl over the shell and the inbedded pearl.


Blister pearl necklace

This large blister pearl has an amazing dark silver luster!

I set the 20 x 27 mm blister pearl in a 925 sterling silver bezel.

The Mabe pearl pendant is attached to a spatter of silver.

I made the silver splash by dropping hot molten silver from a distance on a flat cold surface.

The Mabe blister pearl is 20 x 27 mm

The silver splash is 20 x 35 mm

The total length of the pendant is 5 cm (1.96 inch)

The silver jasseron chain is 60 cm (23.62 inch) long


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