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Amethyst drop earrings

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Amethyst slice earrings

When I was bending the last prong to set one of the amethyst, I applied too much pressure and the stone broke.

I was gutted, especially because I didn't have another amethyst stalactite slice of that size in my stash.

Every amethyst stalactite slice is unique and  stunning in its own way, so it's hard to find one of this size in the same quality.

I searched for days and only found a few that could fit.

The thing was that the amethyst that was the closest fit looked totally different, but I decided to go for it anyway or else many hours of work would have been wasted.

Now I'm actually pleased the stone broke: the two amethysts are perfect opposites in colour and give the earrings an exclusive mismatched look.

These handmade earrings would make an excellent gift as a february birthstone.


- The raw amethysts were paired with sparkly faceted amthysts.

- Both the amethyst stalactite slices and the round faceted amethysts are natural untreated precious stones.

- The drop earrings close with 925 sterling silver earrrings.

- Only 925 Sterling silver was used for these one of a kind earrings.


- These natural amethyst statement earings are 6 cm (2.36 inch) in length, they weigh about 7 gram (0.24 oz) each.

- The round diamond cut amethysts are 3,5 mm across.

- The amethyst stalactite slices are about 2 cm (0.78 inch) in diameter.

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