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Dendritic opal choker

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This stone is HUGE and I lōve it!

This milky white dendritic opal measures a whopping 7 x 5 cm ( 2.75 x 1.96 inch)

Dendritic opal, or moss opal has inclusions of metallic oxides that form moss, fern or tree-like patterns.

For this extra large pendant I started out with a silver bezel that fitted round the stone.

To give the dendritic opal some support I soldered branches of silver wire and little claws to the back.

When I was finished soldering, the branches still stuck out.

At first I wanted to saw them off, but I quite liked the look, so I kept them.

The pendant is hung on a 50 cm (19.68 inch) anti allergic stainless steel choker.

The wire necklace closes with a bayonet clasp, you need to try to open and close it couple of times to get the hang of it before you try it on:  just push and twist.

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