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Frosted fire agate earrings

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I found these amazing crackle agate beads and decided to make them into a pair of dangling earrings.

These teardrop shaped matte agate beads get their crackled appearance from being heated to extreme temperatures to form the intricate patterns on the surface.

I heated strips of sterling silver until they formed a drop on the ends to string the agate beads on.

The silver hoops on these artistic frosted agate earrings were given an interesting texture by hammering.

The little circles to which the earstuds were soldered, were put in an open flame over and over again until they got this reticulated texture.

The silver is oxidized to give it an deep dark patina.

Unique, artistic and the only pair in the world.

These stylish agate earrings are 7 cm long (2.75 inch) and weigh 6 gram each (0.21 oz)

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