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Hammered silver pearl necklace

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Baroque pearl necklace

For this handmade minimalist necklace I start out with quite thick sterling silver wire that I bend in a circular shape and then solder.

The silver ring then gets texturized by hammering it on an anvil untill it has the desired rough finish I’m looking for.

After that it gets sanded and polished and I drill a little hole in it for the pearl hanger.

I choose a beautiful white baroque freshwater pearl for the centre of the silver pendant, that has great lustre.


- The hammered pendant hangs on a 45 cm 17.71 inch long fine silver chain.

- This plain silver necklace would make a great gift for bridesmaids or brides!

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This white pearl necklace comes in a stylish Rōff  jewellery box, free shipping world wide.

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