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Hammered silver ring with peruvian opal

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Peruvian opal ring

I never practice, I only play!

A lot of my designs emerge from just playing with materials or trying things out.

In this case I had a ring that I’d made a long time ago, but I wasn’t completely satisfied with how it had turned out. I had taken the stone out and I didn’t know what to do with it, so I started smashing it with a hammer. And then I tried to melt it a bit to see what would happen.

I really liked the square shape and I looked in my collection for the perfect stone to go with it.


- The stone that I decided on is this incredible peruvian opal in gorgeous orange and dark blue-green colours.

- I made a silver ring band that I hammered to match the rest of the design.

- This sterling silver opal ring comes in a size 17,5 (inside diameter in mm) or USA size 7.

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