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Kammererite ring with ruby

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Kammererite ring with ruby

If you never heard of kammererite, don't worry, neither had I.

Since purple is one of my favourite colours, I spend a lot of time online hunting for special stones. 

When I came across this one I litterally held my breath: I'd never seen a stone like this and I just had to have it!

Maybe I should get help as in Gemstone Hoarders Anonimous (if there is even such a thing), for I must admit: I. Love. Stones. A lot. No really, a LOT!

Or I could just keep on making lots of jewellery and hoard happily ever after...

What is Kammererite?

Kammererite or kammerite is a rare gemstone that is mainly found in Turkey, the USA and Russia.

Some of the purple in this kammererite stone is a bit translucent: if placed on a strong light source an incredible deep burgundy red shines through.

That's why I cut out a couple of circels on the back.

To give an extra bit of colour to this unique ring, I added a natural, untreated ruby.

This bold exclusive ring has an adjustable open band that's rich in texture.



The ring is 42 x 20 mm

The faceted ruby is 2 mm

The kammererite gemstone is 35 x 16 mm

The silver ring band is 8 mm wide and is adjustable to fit all sizes.


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