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Keum-boo silver and gold ring

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Silver and gold ring

Slowly but surely gold is making its way into the Rōff Jewellery collection.

I like the way the 24kt gold flakes contrast with the black silver.

This stunning effect was accomplished by the ancient Korean gilding technique of Keum boo (also known as Kum-Bu).

Keum boo is a method of applying pieces of 24 kt gold leaf on heated silver.

With the right temperature and pressure, the gold leaf and silver atoms are exchanged to create a permanent bond.


- This remarkable Keum boo ring has a 2,5 mm thin hammered silver band

- The size is adjustable.

- The hand hammered silver bowl is 30 x 23 mm.

- This stunning ring is made of 925 sterling silver and 24 kt gold.

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