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Marcasite stone ring

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Marcasite has been used since ancient times and is best known for its use in Victorian jewellery.

Marcasite is similar to pyrite but has a different crystal structure;  in old times it was used as a firestarter.

Because marcasite can be very brittle, mostly the little crystals were used in jewellery.

This marcasite stone therefore is quite unusual because of its large size and beautiful polish.

I set this blue and gold coloured marcasite cabochon in a half open smooth bezel and silver claws.

One half of the organic silver ring is kept rough to enhance the contrast with the polished marcasite.

The silver band is adjustable in size and decorated with a circular pattern.


* Handmade rustic marcasite ring is 4 x 2,3 cm (1.57 x 0.9 inch).

* The marcasite stone itself is 3 x 2 cm (1.18 x 0.79 inch)

* The band of the adjustable ring is 7 mm wide


Please take the ring of while showering or swimming to keep it in good condition!

Shipped in a beautiful jewellery box, no extra fee.

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