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Simbircite gemstone ring

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Large statement ring

So here's a stone that I find quite a discovery: simbircite or simbercite.

It is named after the Russian city Simbirsk where it is found and it has a beauty that will leave you absolutely breathless.

This jaw dropping gemstone has an amazing wavy pattern and comes in a warm amber colour with dark chocolately brown and deep gold lines.

Simbircite is a gemstone as well as a fossil: the veins come from fossil ammonite shell that's partly turned into pyrite over the course of millons of years.

Details and size:

- I set the simbercite stone in a smooth silver bezel and let the wavy lines repeat in the


- The band of this mindblowing simbircite ring is 9 mm wide

- The simbircite stone has a diameter of 34 mm, the total diameter of the ring is 38 mm.

- Suitable of all sizes and adjustable.

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This stunning simbircite ring is send to you in a Roff Jewellery gift box.

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