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Simple wide ring

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Textured silver ring

Wide ring with open front made of reticulated sterling silver.

The open design of this beautifully textured ring makes it easy to wear on different fingers or even your thumb.

What is reticulated silver?

Reticulation is an organic process.

I repeatedly heat, quench and pickle a strip of sterling silver.

After a couple of times the surface of the silver starts to melt in the heat of the flame and forms a texture that looks a bit like a mountain range.

Details of the silver thumb ring:

- This modern open ring is made for a medium to large hand and adjustable in size.

- The inside diameter is 17 – 18 mm.

- 7 mm in the back and 16 mm in the front.

- The ring is suitable from a US size 6.5 and up.

- Handmade with only fine sterling silver.


International ring size chart:

* 17   and up    The Netherlands

* 6.5  and up     USA, Canada, Mexico

* M    and up     South Africa, New Zealand, UK, Australia

* 53   and up     Germany, France

* 13.5 and up    Spain, Italy

* 13    and up    Japan, China, India, South America

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