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Steampunk riveted silver ring, made to order

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Industrial silver ring, made to order

The inspo:

When I make a piece of jewellery I usually go with the flow or the spur of the moment; I don’t like making elaborate sketches, I just follow where the process or the material takes me.

 Usually I get inspired by beautiful stones or certain shapes or textures.

I take a different approach when someone asks me to make something special for them.

Trying to envision what the client wants makes me get out of my comfort zone; some of my favorite pieces were custom orders.

I was assigned to design a boyfriend-ring for a ‘nerdy type of person’, who was into metal music, sci-fi and computers.

One of the designs I came up with was this steampunk inspired silver ring.


The process:

- I started out with a plain silver wide ring band that I hammered.

- Next I searched my scrap box for interesting bits of textured silver, sawed them all to the right size and bended them in shape.

- Little holes were drilled and all the pieces were soldered together.

- I added silver and copper granules and made some of them look like little screws.

- Finally I oxidized and polished the silver.


How to order:

- The steampunk ring band in the photo's is 12 mm wide but I might change the width if you order a small size to keep it comfortable to wear.

- Please let me know what size you are if you order this ring.

- The textures on the ring that you'll receive may vary due to the fabrication process, though I'll do my best to make it as similar as possible.

- Each ring is made from scratch, please allow a couple of days for manufacturing.

- I will let you know how long it will take before I send it out.

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