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Bumblebee jasper, amber and yellow topaz ring

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Multi stone ring

I like being stoned!

That is: I'm really, really, really nuts about gemstones!


One of my favourite gemstones must be jasper, it comes in all kinds of colours and patterns and they never bore me.

For this ring I picked this bumblebee jasper stone with a beautiful black and yellow pattern.

I like it when the band of the ring matches the pattern of the rest of the ring, so I gave it a great texture with nice flowy lines.

Yellow topaz:

To stay with the yellow theme of this artisan ring I added a smooth bezel for a shiny facetted topaz gemstone, and last but not least, I threw in a pretty amber stone in tha mix.


Amber is basically fossil tree resin and can be 40 to 60 million years old.

What’s special about this amber stone is the poor tiny fly that has been trapped in this drop of ancient resin for eternity.

Please adopt this little fellow so it won’t be lonely anymore!


The boring stuff:

- This unique multi stone silver ring is adjustable in size and light weight to wear.

- The band of the ring is 8 mm wide.

- The front of this gorgeous gemstone silver ring is about 5 cm – 1.97 inch high and 2,2 cm - 0.79 inch wide and will fit most sizes.

The individual meassurements of the stones are:

- Amber: 15 x 8 mm

- The tiny fly inclusion in the amber is about 2 mm in size.

- Bumblebee jasper: 30 x 18 mm.

- Facetted yellow topaz: 4 mm.

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