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Dendritic agate earrings

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Moss agate earrings

Oof, these stones.... Mother Nature keeps amazing me!

These silver drop earrings  were made with dendritic agates and abstract silver charms.

What are dendritic agates?

Dendritic agate is a natural stone. It shows fern-like dendrites made of maganese/iron silicates, that were trapped inside the agate when it was formed, making it an intriguing and unique gemstone.

The dendritic inclusions are shaped like trees with some very interesting patterns.



- Total length: 5 cm (1.96 inch).

- Weight: 2,8 gram each (0.98 oz).

- Dendritic agate stones are approximately 12 x 10 mm.

- Charms are made of oxidized sterling silver.

- The handmade ear hooks are made of 925 sterling silver.

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