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Druzy ammonite - pyrite ring

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 Druzy ammonite / pyrite ring

I was stoked when I found this amazing stone and I couldn't wait to make something special with it.

This stone is an ammonite, which is a fossil shell that lived over 350 million years ago.

The amazing glittery appearance occurs when over time the fossil is partially converted to pyrite by mineralizing fluids, rich in iron and sulfur.


I kept the bezel for this amazing stone very simple because i didn't want it to distract from the beauty of the ammonite.

I let the wavy pattern of the ammonite with pyrite come back in the 9 mm wide adjustable silver band.

The ammonite with pyrite fossil stone is 33 x 36 mm, so if you're into shiny, chunky statement rings: look no further!


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