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Eccentric unique scorpion silver chain necklace

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I love the look of this bold brutalist necklace!

A head turning statement piece and an absolute conversation starter for sure!

Totally unique raw silver necklace with a real tiny scorpion inside.



Edgy, individual, unique

Show off your personality with this bad ass necklace!

This unusual sterling silver pendant is made to look like a little cage, containing a resin marble with a real scorpion inside.



All the links on this raw silver chain are handmade, hammered, soldered and oxidized by hand.

The bars of the cage were made by heating the ends of silver wire in an open flame until they melted.The top and bottom of the cage have a subtle texture I made by running silver sheet wrapped in a piece of cloth through a rolling mill.


Here's the measurements of this dramatic necklace:

  • The diameter of the resin scorpio ball is 18 mm.
  • The links of the chain are all different, but approximately 8 x 17 mm.
  • The pendant has a height of 8 cm / 3.15 inch  and is 2,4 cm / 1 inch wide
  • The total length of the chain including the pendant is about 62 cm / 24.41 inch and it weighs 47 grams.


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