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Bumblebee jasper and raw citrine double ring

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The perfect pair:

Two great stones that complement each other perfectly: an oval bumblebee jasper in vibrant yellow, orange and black lines paired with a raw citrine with shiny brown to orange crystals.


Flowy patterns and rough crystals

The bumblebee jasper is set in a simple smooth sterling bezel and its beautiful flowy lines are repeated in the ring band.

The raw citrine-quartz stone sits in a high textured silver bezel to prevent it from breaking.


Oxidized and textured silver double ring

The silver of this big artistic eyecatcher has been slightly oxidised to enhance its rough form.


Edgy artistic style


The vibrant colours and the interesting combination of rough crystals and a smooth polished gemstone make this  unique statement ring an artistic eyecatcher.

This daring design can really amp up your look!


Adjustable size

Because of its open front, this bold knuckleduster is adjustable from sizes 16 and up (inside diameter of the ring in mm)


  • Width of the band: 5 mm
  • Bumblebee Jasper: 28 x 15 mm
  • Rough Citrine stone: 25 x 22 mm
  • Total weight of the ring: 30.5 gram
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