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Silver and gold opal ring

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Small but spectacular

There have been many requests for smaller rings, so here you go!

Usually my rings are a try-not-to-knock-me-out-size so I've made couple of rings that are more suitable for petite hands.

It still has all the lovely Rōff characteristics, just smaller.

I make a lot of bespoke rings as well, so do not hesitate to ask if you would like a custom made ring especially for you!

14k Gold and black silver

This small ring is made of textured sterling silver that has been oxidised to get that beautiful rich black and blue patina.

For contrast I made the the bezel for the opal gemstone in14k gold and I added some gold granules as well.

Lightning Ridge Opal

This tiny powerhouse features a magnificent 0.70 carat natural teardrop opal from Australia.

This Lightning Ridge displays flashes of bright green and blue.

This cute opal ring comes in a size 17-17,5 (inside diameter in mm) or a US size 6.5-7.

The width of the band is 3 mm in the back and 9 mm in the front.

The green and blue opal gemstone is 8 x 6 mm.

If you have any questions, don,t hestitate to contact me!

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