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Simple wide ring

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Pure and simple

Wide ring with open front made of reticulated sterling silver.

Reticulation is a very organic process.

I repeatedly heat, quench and pickle a strip of sterling silver.

After a couple of times the surface of the silver starts to melt in the heat of the flame and forms a texture that looks a bit like a mountain range.

I kept the ring open in the front, so it is easy to wear it on different fingers or even your thumb.



This organic open ring is made for a medium to large hand and adjustable in size.

The inside diameter is 17 – 18 mm and the ring is 7 mm in the back and 16 mm in the front.

The ring is suitable from a US size 6.5 and up.


For international ringsizes look here:

* 17   and up    The Netherlands

* 6.5  and up     USA, Canada, Mexico

* M    and up     South Africa, New Zealand, UK, Australia

* 53   and up     Germany, France

* 13.5 and up    Spain, Italy

* 13    and up    Japan, China, India, South America


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