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Coral branch necklace

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Vintage coral

 Introducing my latest creation and I'm very proud of it!

The inspiration for this exquisite necklace were some pieces of coral I found in the collection of a retired jeweller I got to browse.

Coral has been used in jewelry for centuries. Nowadays it's not as common anymore and for good reason: coral is a living organism and it grows very slowly (accept for some species like bamboo coral).

The pieces you see in this statement necklace are of the more eco-friendly kind: they come from a vintage collection that was harvested or found a long time ago when reefs weren't yet endangered. 

I found it a waste to let these beautiful branches just sit in an old box and I couldn't resist.

Silver branch, carnelian beads, zircon

To complement the tiny coral twigs, I handcrafted the  silver branch that was carefully filed to perfection, creating a unique and organic design.

The stunning necklace is adorned with colourful carnelian beads and a sparkling earth mined orange zircon.

This unusual statement necklace features elegant handmade silver links, adding a touch of sophistication to any outfit.

Elevate your style with this timeless piece that captures the beauty of the ocean and the earth.

Details of the coral choker necklace:

Weight 26 gram | 0.917 oz

Silver branch 6,5 cm | 2.56 inch

Coral pendant 8 cm | 3.15 inch

Faceted carnelian beads 6mm

Zircon gemstone 6 x 10 mm

Total length 48 cm | 18.89 inch

Round lobster clasp


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