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Freeform keisha pearl earrings

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What are keisha pearls?

 The word keisha comes from keshinomi, the japanese word for poppy seed.

These amazing pearls come in all shape, hues, colours and sizes, each one unique.

Cultured pearls are usually formed in oysters or mollusks by inserting a bead and a piece of tissue.

A pearl sac is formed and the bead serves as the nucleaus of the culture pearl.

Keisha pearls are formed when the oyster expels the bead, a piece breaks off or a small irritant enters it  and a pearl is formed around it.

Although Keisha pearls are technically a byproduct of pearl farming, they are the closest thing to a natural pearl.

Because of the lovely baroque shape of these amazing keisha pearls I wanted to keep the design of the earrings simple: I made a plain silver earhook and hung them on a piece of fine silver chain.

The individual pearls are about 16 mm long.

The total length of these remarkable keisha earrings is 5 cm/1.96 inch and they are light weight and easy to wear.

Simple yet elegant, they can be worn for a special occasion but look amazingly chique with everyday wear.

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